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GARDENA battery power

They are long-lasting, powerful and can be recharged at any time - the most recent GARDENA lithium ion battery technology is really impressive. They make the memory effect and self-discharge things of the past.

Freedom from cables!

With a variety of products, GARDENA offers the right rechargeable product for all requirements and any type of garden work:

Whether you want to achieve beautiful box cutting results or precisely prune hedges and bushes, you can enjoy impressive products, long-lasting cutting power, and ease-of-use with the GARDENA battery-powered ContourCut, Accu 80 and Accu 100 shrub shears.

GARDENA makes dreams of perfect English lawns come true. The battery-powered 380 Li cylinder lawnmower, battery-powered lawn edging shears and battery-powered TwinCut lawnmower provide top cutting performance for an effortless cut shape without great physical effort - and they are as powerful and long-lasting as always, thanks to lithium ion technology.

All gardens have some corners and edges which lawnmowers cannot reach. In such cases, you require the GARDENA battery-powered turbotrimmer - it is powerful, quiet, and has a special plastic blade to ensure precise cutting results.