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GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Lawnmowers PowerMax 36 A Li and 42 A Li

Mow with battery power and no cables!

A well cared-for lawn needs to be mown regularly. That's obvious. And motor power is a must too, to make mowing comfortable and fast. This leaves the question of the right mower: Electric, petrol-fuelled or battery-powered? Each mower type has its advantages but only one can mow without cables or fuel - a lawnmower with a battery as the energy source. GARDENA now has two new Accu Rechargeable PowerMax lawnmowers, with powerful and easy-care lithium-ion replacement batteries and special blade technology. You can mow, catch and mulch with the greatest comfort.

The new GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Lawnmower PowerMax 36 A Li has a cutting width of 36 centimetres and is serially equipped with the new GARDENA Li-Ion 36 V/3.0 Ah replacement battery. The new GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Lawnmower PowerMax 42 A Li has a cutting width of over 42 centimetres and an even more powerful replacement battery with 36 V/4.5 Ah. Both batteries have a convenient carrying handle and can be easily and quickly removed; they are very light and can be easily recharged at any time. During mowing, an LED display shows the battery charge level.

When fully charged, the stored energy is easily sufficient for a medium-sized lawn. If you need to mow for longer and would like to bridge over the recharging time, you can separately obtain one of the two GARDENA Li-Ion 36 V replacement batteries with 3.0 Ah or 4.5 Ah, which fit into every GARDENA Accu Rechargeable PowerMax lawnmower.

The uniquely innovative lithium-ion battery technology used with the new GARDENA Accu Rechargeable PowerMax lawnmowers provides the best possible level of handling and care comfort: 3 in 1 - cut, catch and mulch with one product, central cutting height adjustment, a large grass catcher which is easily removable and easy to empty, large rear wheels for optimal manoeuvrability, an ergonomic cockpit and special blade technology for an especially precisely lawn cut.