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Easy use of well or rain water like from the mains

A rainwater tank is like a piggy-bank for clever garden friends. Drop for drop, it fills with water that costs nothing. And nature contributes generously. Quickly, hundreds of litres are collected and can be used for garden irrigation during dry periods.

With the new Classic Rain Water Tank Pump 4000/2 and Comfort Rain Water Tank Pump 4000/2 automatic by GARDENA it is as easy as from the mains - but with a significant difference: the water meter does not move a bit! All conventional watering systems, such as nozzles, sprayers or spray lances, can be easily operated with the powerful new GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps. The pressure produced is even sufficient for operating a sprinkler. Watering cans can also be easily filled.

The low-noise Rain Water Tank Pumps with their angled and telescopic connecting pipe are simply hung in the above-ground rainwater tanks. You can also place them on the bottom of the tank; a special mounting foot prevents the suctioning of impurities. In each case, an additionally integrated dirt filter allows uninterrupted operation of the Rain Water Tank Pumps and connected nozzles, sprayers or sprinklers.

The new GARDENA Classic Rain Water Tank Pump 4000/2 is equipped with a Float Switch. With the model Comfort 4000/2 automatic, the integrated electronic control switches the pump on automatically when water is withdrawn and then off again.

Also truly clever is the easy transport of the new GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps through an integrated carrying handle as well as the space-saving storage through the smart cable management and practical holder for the telescopic pipe.

To withdraw water from a well, we recommend the new GARDENA Premium Deep Well Pump 6000/5 inox automatic. This special slim pump has an indestructible stainless steel housing and fits through a 100 mm hole. But that is not all. The hole can also be very deep. When water is withdrawn, the new Premium Deep Well Pump automatically switches on and then off again. This saves energy and is very convenient. The pump can also be placed directly on the ground with a stable foot without sand or mud being sucked in. An integrated dry-running safety system also protects against damage.