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Cordless freedom with lots of power

In every garden, a time comes when loppers simply no longer „cut it“ for wood care. Branches grow increasingly thick, their wood hardens with the years. For both styling and pruning cuts, these are precisely the kind of situations in which cordless freedom of movement, a lightweight product, high manoeuvrability and the power of the new GARDENA Accu Chainsaw are an advantage.

The new GARDENA Accu Chainsaw CST 2018-Li is equipped with a powerful 18 V/2.6 Ah lithium-ion Replacement Battery. It can easily take on thick and hard wood. This goes for the removal of branches as part of wood care, as well as for making firewood. Fully charged, it can easily cut 60 logs with diameters of up to 80 millimetres, accurately and precisely. That is quite a lot. If more is needed, no problem: the Replacement Battery can be recharged at any time, no memory effect.

Powerful, robust and precise cutting is given with the easy-to-use GARDENA Accu Chainsaw, along with best handling comfort and safety. The right chain tensioning is set, without tools, as easily as the oil level gauge which can be viewed through a practical window. Chain oil for the first use is included.

The optimal ergonomic design and comfort grip with soft plastic components guarantee a sturdy hold in every working situation. A safety kick-back brake with clear position indicator is given, along with a quick-stop for the chain. In addition, there are safety- and assembly instructions on the sword showing correct use of the new GARDENA Accu Chainsaw for the more sporadic user.