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A quick remedy for yellow grass tips

Does your otherwise well-kept lawn no longer have a lush green appearance? And are the grass tips turning yellow? There may be several reasons for this. The simplest and often most obvious is that the blades of your lawnmower are no longer sharp enough. The grass is therefore no longer cleanly cut and the cut surfaces fray. The grass tips thus offer the sun a larger contact surface and dry out more easily.

Help is quickly at hand here: have the blades of the lawnmower sharpened or buy new blades if the old ones are beyond repair. For re-sharpening, you should preferably give the lawnmower to an expert, for example at a D-I-Y store or specialist dealer. There the blades can be sharpened inexpensively.

However, if grass blades become yellow, this may also be a sign of iron and nitrogen deficiency. In such a case, liquid iron fertiliser ensures a beautiful, lush green lawn again within a few days.