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Long-lasting gardening tools made from quality materials with a 25-year warranty

The GARDENA combisystem includes everything you need for cultivating soil in vegetable and flowerbeds, as well as tidying garden paths from dirt or lawns from fallen leaves. GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty on all combisystem products.

Flexible system that can be combined in many ways

The GARDENA combisystem is a clever system that allows you to combine different handles with various tools so that many garden applications can be easily covered.

Firm and ergonomic grip

GARDENA combisystem tools are especially compact and easy to use. A specially shaped handle with soft components allows a secure grip and comfortable work.

For a comfortable working position
Easily extend the combisystem tool with a handle

Wobble-free connection

The combisystem product is simply connected to the handle and screwed tight. The reliable technology guarantees wobble-free and reliable work.


All GARDENA combisystem Hand Tools are made of high-quality steel and are coated with Duroplast to protect the products from corrosion.

Working in your garden should be relaxing and hassle-free

GARDENA has gardening tools for all areas in your outdoor home: For cultivating, planting, raking, sweeping, digging, snow shovelling and so on. The big benefit of the GARDENA combisystem tools is that they can be so easily attached to a handle, providing a flexible and comfortable gardening experience. Follow the link below to learn more about which handle you should choose. Or use the filter to find the right gardening tool for your garden.

combisystem Handles

combisystem Garden Tools

  • Ridge Plough (3118)

    For ploughing up potatoes and vegetables

  • Cultivator (3135)

    For loosening up the soil

  • Grubber (3166)

    For loosening and aerating the soil

  • Bow Rake (3168)

    For raking, levelling and working the soil

  • Star Tiller (3196)

    For seed-bed preparation and soil loosening

  • Star Tiller with weeding knife (3195)

    For seed-bed preparation, soil loosening and weeding

  • Fruit Picker (3110)

    For convenient picking of fruit

  • Draw Hoe (3193)

    For challenging weeding and loosening

  • Garden Hoe (3219)

    For plant-sparing garden care

  • Hoe (3112)

    For removal of weeds

  • Hoe (3113)

    For removal of weeds

  • Push-pull Hoe “GARDEX” (3187)

    For weeding beds and paths

  • Rake (3179)

    For raking, levelling and working the soil

  • Rake (3177)

    For raking, levelling and working the soil

  • Root-crop Hoe (3190)

    For hoeing and weeding

combisystem Lawn Care Tools

combisystem Cleaning Tools

combisystem Winter Tools

combisystem Cutting Tools

combisystem Handtools

  • Extension Handle for Hand Tools (8900)

    For pleasant work - without bending over

  • Telescopic Handle 100 (3516)

    For pleasant work – without bending over

  • Hand Hoe (8910)

    For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil

  • Hand Hoe (8912)

    For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil

  • Hand Hoe (8914)

    For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil

  • Wire Hand Rake (8916)

    For tidying beds and aerating small, mossy areas

  • Hand Rake (8918)

    For raking together leaves, weeds and grass cuttings

  • Hand Grubber (8920)

    For loosening and aerating the soil

  • Two-Star Tiller (8922)

    For seedbed preparation and soil loosening

  • Hand Weeder (8924)

    For loosening soil

  • Flower Rake (8926)

    For loosening and aerating the soil

  • Hand Trowel (8931)

    For planting and transplanting

  • Patio Weeder (8928)

    For removal of grass, moss and weeds

  • Sickle (8930)

    For removal of high grass and weeds

  • Window Cleaner (5671)

    For cleaning windows, conservatories and greenhouses

Hand Tools


  • Tool Rack (3501)

    Everything has its place – that makes tidying up fun

  • Single Holder (3503)

    Tidy, tidy, tidy - For separate mounting on the wall or as an addition to the GARDENA Tool Rack

  • Tool Rack (3500)

    Space-saving storage of combisystem tools