Even spread of seeds and fertilizers

Equipped with a patented dosage system. For use all year around. Use to apply fertiliser, seeds, lime and winter grit.

Always the right dosage

Due to the pattented, highly flexible spreading roller, all sorts of material can be spreaded - no matter whether fine lime or grit. Through the Stop-System, the wheels have a freewheeling function when moving backwards. As a result, the Spreader only spreads when pushed forward, effectively preventing overdosage.


Easy operation

At the handle. the GARDENA Comfort Spreaders can be easily operated with the on/off function

00430-20-L-012-42cm web only

Versatile use all year around

From fertilising to winter gritting: Spreaders can be used year-round to feed the lawn with nutrients and reduce weeds as well as make paths and driveways safer during those frosty winter months – all done with minimum effort and no mess.

00435-20-L-013-42cm web only

Precise dosage and easy handling

The GARDENA Spreaders are made of high-quality plastic that's corrosion-resistant and crack-proof. The tractor profile wheels offer optimum grip on all surfaces and for all applications. The spreader has a large T-shaped handle for convenient use with either one or two hands. The spreader can be stored practically, either hanging or standing.

Classic Spreader 300
Article No. : 430-20
Recommended for lawn areas up to approx. 300 m2
Comfort Spreader 500
Article No. : 433-20
Recommended for lawn areas up to approx. 500 m2
Comfort Spreader 800
Article No. : 435-20
Recommended for lawn areas up to approx. 800 m2
combisystem Spreader
Article No. : 420-20
For precision spreading of lawn fertilizer. Built-in wiper bar ensures a regular spreading pattern. With spreading table for standard fertilizers. Recommended handle length 130 cm/150 cm. 25 year warranty.