city gardening products for balconies

Plenty of green, however small the space: Find helpful products for city gardening on balconies. 
Balcony Box
Article No. : 8970-20
The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.
Balcony Pump Sprayer 1 l
Article No. : 806-20
The design-oriented multi-use sprayer for the balcony and home
Holiday Watering Set
Article No. : 1265-20
Plant irrigation for holidays
Holiday Watering Set with Water Container
Article No. : 1266-20
Plant irrigation for holidays
Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering
Article No. : 1407-20
Convenient watering independently from the tap
Adapter for Indoor Taps
Article No. : 8187-20
Fits together and easy to handle