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Flexible, convenient and intuitive operation for more leisure time in the garden

A light drizzle in the morning – a short refreshing shower in the evening. Or do you need your garden to water itself while you’re away on holiday? With GARDENA Watering Computers or Water Timers you’ll be in total control wherever you are, whenever you want.

GARDENA Water Computers and Timers set a new standard in easy operation and flexible programming options. Connect the computer to the tap and control one or several watering devices in your garden. All models are simple to use and no complicated programming is necessary.

On-demand, water-saving irrigation with sensor technology

Connect a Soil Moisture Sensor to the Water Computer to interrupt or prevent automatic watering when the soil is sufficiently moist. Saves water by only watering your garden when necessary.

Control several irrigation devices in your garden with a water distributor

In combination with a Water Distributor Automatic the water computers can control up to six garden areas and automatically water them one after the other (only in combination with GARDENA MasterControl Water Computer).

Top quality Water Computers from GARDENA since 1985

Convenient operation, top-quality performance and continual innovations separate GARDENA from the competition and make GARDENA Water Computers the best sellers in Europe.

Looking for more spare time and convenience in your garden?

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Watering Controls

  • EasyControl (1881)

    Automatic garden irrigation made simple!

  • FlexControl (1883)

    Flexibility when adjusting the settings

  • MaxControl (1834)

    Automatically water with comfort

  • MasterControl (1864)

    Premium model for individual irrigation

    Awarded product
  • T 1030 card (1830)

    Quickly programmed – totally easy and child-safe

  • Water Timer (1169)

    Cost-favourable automatic irrigation

Water Controls

Accessories Compare
Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor (1188)

Automatic, water-saving irrigation

Rain Sensor Rain Sensor (1189)

No irrigation during rain

Water Distributor Automatic Water Distributor Automatic (1197)

Let it flow – automatic and in a row! In up to 6 areas in the garden.