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GARDENA Pump Range
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Innovative, attractive and always reliable

Whether you’re looking to pump water for your garden, for drainage or even for domestic use, GARDENA has the right pump. And a simple, intuitive pump filter to help you find it. No matter what pump you choose, you can be sure of GARDENA quality, innovative features and high performance. What´s more, GARDENA Pumps are comfortable and easy to use, and attractively designed.

Use water for different means conveniently

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Electric Garden Pumps

Accessories Compare
Suction Unit 3.5 m Suction Unit 3.5 m (1411)

Ready for connection

Suction Hose 3.5 m Suction Hose 3.5 m (1412)

Ready for connection

Pump Preliminary Filter 3,000 l/h Pump Preliminary Filter 3,000 l/h (1731)

Protects against sand and debris