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Quality made in Germany
The Original GARDENA System

Maria keeps her garden green.
Original GARDENA System

Original GARDENA System
The new Original GARDENA System parts

Quick Facts
Original GARDENA System

Perfect connection between the hose and Original GARDENA System couplings

Thanks to the long-lasting, reliable quality and leak-proof fit between tap, hose and watering device, most consumers go for the Original GARDENA System.

GARDENA ensures a perfect and secure fit between the hose and the Original GARDENA System parts. A textured stripe on the hoses fits seamlessly with the teeth inside the couplings for optimal grip.

Tap Connector

GARDENA has Tap Connectors for nearly all water taps – threaded, unthreaded and indoor taps. Apart from the standard tap connectors GARDENA also offers Twin Tap Connectors and a Four Channel Water Distributor.

Angled Tap Connector – no kinking and twisting of the hose at the tap

A tap connector with 90° angle and 360° pivot for the most flexible watering with no kinking and twisting of the hose at the tap.

Hose Connector

Apply the Hose Connector to the hose and then click it onto the Tap Connector. Simply pull down the orange ring of the Hose Connector to disconnect.

Water Stop

The Water Stop should be connected to the end of the hose. If you remove the watering accessory, for example a nozzle, the water flow will stop automatically.

Water Smart Flow Meter – connect and save water

With the Water Smart Flow Meter connected, with a glance at the display, you can keep an eye on responsible water consumption. The GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter offers four functions to measure the water quantity used; Water consumption per day, per season, per watering cycle and current flow (litre/minute). Connect to the tap or between the watering device and the Water Stop.

The Original GARDENA System – a full range to meet your needs

The Original GARDENA System offers a full assortment and easy-to-use irrigation for all the requirements in your garden. Original GARDENA System fittings are all designed to be quick, reliable and watertight – for use between tap and hose as well as hose and accessories.

All connectors are long-lasting, offer reliable quality and are compatible with other brands of watering systems. The Original GARDENA System products are made in Germany using top-quality material and each part is manufactured with high precision and cutting-edge technology to ensure outstanding quality.

Original GARDENA System - Connection to the Tap

Original GARDENA System - Hose Start

Original GARDENA System - Hose Run

Original GARDENA System - Hose End

Original GARDENA System - Kits

  • System Basic Set (18291)

    Complete set for fast tap and hose connection

    Awarded product

Spare Parts

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