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The GARDENA Cleaning Nozzle is the classic spray nozzle model. Whether for cleaning or watering, you can choose any water jet strength from hard jet to fine mist. The nozzle sleeve cannot be removed and therefore not lost. It infinitely regulates the water spray patterns. You can choose the ideal pattern for your application. Thanks to the soft plastic element, the nozzle also lies well in the hand and does not slip.

Reference number: 18300


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  • Durable quality

    Durable quality

    New - Classic nozzles, sprayers and spray lances with an innovative and integrated technology to protect against frost.

  • On/off


    Water flow can be shut off

    Water flow can be shut off

Use Ideal for cleaning of intensive stains and watering with a fine mist
Spray Pattern Hard jet, Fine mist
Frost protection
On/off trigger -
Lock -
Water flow can be shut off
Water quantity can be regulated -
Articles & pricing
Commercial reference Article no Add to wish list
18300-20 967 30 59-01

Manuals & documentation

Manuals & documentation

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