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Easy to use: Flexible, yet dimensionally stable, with no knotting or twisting

GARDENA has created unique quality hoses that don't tie themselves in knots or twist under high water pressure. They are extremly pressure-resistant and always keep their shape. The Hoses offer easy and tidy winding on reels and trolleys.

Perfect connection between the Hose and Original GARDENA System connectors

With the innovative Power Grip profile, GARDENA ensures a perfect and secure fit between the Hoses and the Orignal GARDENA System parts. A textured stripe on the Hoses fits seamlessly with the teeth inside the couplings for optimal grip.

Long-lived quality
Robust, weatherproof Hoses - free from harmful substances!

Perfection can be found in the details
Excellent performance from high-quality materials and innovative features

A long tradition behind us and an innovative future ahead

GARDENA is a pioneer on the hose and irrigation market - with the Original GARDENA System being introduced in 1968 - as revolutionary then as it is still today.

The quality and technology have been improved and GARDENA has during all those years sold more then 120 million metres of long-lasting and reliable Garden Hose – which equals 30 times around the world! All Hoses are thoroughly tested on their burst pressure, connection grip, long life and weather resistance. The GARDENA Garden Hoses are not just a transporter of water from your tap to your plants and lawn – they are part of the mobile irrigation solution that GARDENA offers with its Orginal GARDENA System. All parts fit perfectly and offer you the most convenient mobile irrigation you can hope for.

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AUS/NZ Comfort FLEX Hose

AUS/NZ Comfort HighFLEX Hose

AUS/NZ Premium SuperFLEX Hose

Spiral Hose

Accessories Hose LengthHose Diameter SingleCompare
Connection Set Connection Set (18040)

The connection between the water source and the Hose Trolley or Reel

4.92 feet / 1.5 m 0.51 inch / 13 mm