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Do I have to register my GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower and why?

We strongly recommend you register your robotic lawnmower. The registration is crucial for Gardena in order to notify you if there is an updated version of the software.

Also, with the registration you will get your lost PIN back easier and we will be able to provide you with more accurate and fast support when you need it!

What is the warranty policy?

GARDENA guarantees this product’s functionality for a period of two years (from date of purchase). The guarantee covers serious faults relating to materials or manufacturing faults.

Within the guarantee period, we will replace the product or repair it at no charge if the following terms are met:

  • The lawnmower and the charging station may only be used in compliance with the instructions in the Operator’s manual.
  • Users or non-authorised third parties are not permitted to attempt to repair the product.

    Examples of faults which are not included in the guarantee:
    • Damage caused by water seepage from underneath the lawnmower (e.g. from washing or irrigation systems).
    • Damage caused by shortened low-voltage cable.
    • Damage caused by lightning.
    • Damage caused by using a battery that is not a GARDENA original battery.
    • Damage to the loop wire.

The knives and wheels are seen as disposable and are not covered by the guarantee.

If failure occurs to your robotic lawnmower, please contact your local dealer or Gardena Customer Support for further instructions. Please have your receipt and the serial number of the product at hand for faster service.

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