The pioneering robotic lawnmower

that mows and mows and mows...

Quiet. Agile. Fully automatic. Precise and reliable. The robotic lawnmower makes your garden a more relaxing place to be - and has done so for a long time now. After dedicating a lot of time to conceiving the product, followed by intensive research and development within our group of companies, we set the robotic lawnmower to work on the world’s lawns more than two decades ago. We can now look back on more than 20 years of mowing experience, with plenty of large mowed areas and well-maintained lawns.

95% customer satisfaction speaks for itself:
The GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower is the most popular model for domestic gardens.

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Live and let mow

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Why a robotic lawnmower from GARDENA?

Thanks to Silent Drive motors, GARDENA offers the quietest robotic lawnmowers on the market (58 decibels). Thanks to the easy-to-use menu navigation, installation, operation and programming are dealt with in no time. GARDENA robotic lawnmowers are technologically one step ahead and as a result can be used in all weather conditions. 

See Robotic Lawnmower R80Li

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SensorCut system

All GARDENA robotic lawnmowers work on the SensorCut system. Because the robotic lawnmower mows the lawn evenly in various directions, the cross section is even and very clean.

Daily care will help the lawn to become thicker and to achieve the appearance of a green carpet.

Robotic Lawnmower R80Li
Article No. : 4069-20
The robotic lawnmower for an easy life, more free time and a perfect lawn.For medium sized gardens or such with more complex structures.

*Source: Husqvarna Group market research