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1/06/ 2012

Tired of scooping water out of small areas with a bucket? Drain water the quick and easy way with the GARDENA Electric Drill Pump.

The GARDENA G1490 Electric Drill Pump is a versatile tool that allows you to hook a standard garden hose to the inlet and outlet connectors for transferring or draining small quantities of water.
Simply mount onto your electric drill, connect the hoses and let the drill do the rest of the work for

With no internal motor, the drive shaft fits into the chuck of any standard electric drill and the power from the drill is used to drive the impeller, pulling the water through the inlet hose and dispersing it out the other side of the housing through the outlet hose. 

Perfect for a range of uses around the home or work place including draining water from aquariums, ponds, tanks, boats – you could even use it to clean your home-brew kit! 

Made from high quality materials and with the original GARDENA connection fittings, the G1490 Electric Drill Pump is immediately ready for operation.

For more information please see full Press Release

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