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27/03/ 2012

Avoid the ladder acrobatics when pruning your trees by investing in a GARDENA StarCut tree and shrub lopper, for safe and comfortable tree work from level ground.

As the seasons pass, it is important to prune trees and shrubs to make way for fresh shoots, but often this means working up a ladder and putting yourself at risk of injury. This is where the GARDENA StarCut tree and shrub loppers can come in handy – you can easily reach branch heights up to 5 metres or more, while keeping your feet planted safely on the ground. 

With the GARDENA StarCut 410BL telescopic pruning lopper, you are sure to have pruning under control. The stable, extra light aluminium handle can be infinitely adjusted as required from 2.3 to 4.1 metres without re-adjustment of the pulling strap. The narrow cutting head is easily manoeuvrable through the any jungle of branches and once you have reached the pruning area, the cutting angle of the StarCut can be adjusted conveniently, from the ground, in line with the direction in which the branch is growing – simply press the cutting head lightly against the tree trunk or branch until the desired angle clicks into place. 

With a clever gear transmission and precision-ground, non-stick coated blades, the StarCut pruning loppers deliver a superior cut. The specially shaped blades hold the branch in the optimal cutting position to ensure a clean, easy cut – just lightly pull the handle to cut the branch. The unique force-amplifying, roller transmission makes cutting easier and is completely internal, so it can’t become entangled or hooked up in the branches. 

The blades can be activated either by the pull handle with the non-slip end stop, or by the additional T-handle at the base of the unit. 

No need to prune so high? Then check out the little brother of the telescopic pruner – the handy StarCut 160BL with a total length of 1.6 metres and all the benefits of the telescopic StarCut 410BL. 

GARDENA is certain of the cutting quality, comfort and long life of the StarCut loppers, that they offer a 25 year guarantee on both products – giving you maximum security and confidence in these products.

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