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1/06/ 2012

Think back to the long summers of your childhood and chances are you’re picturing running through the sprinkler in the backyard. Relive your childhood and take care of your lawn with a classic sprinkler from GARDENA.

The conventional backyard is square or rectangular in shape, and no product is better suited for irrigating this area than the GARDENA Classic Oscillating Sprinkler Polo, which for years have been taking care of Australian lawns and cooling down the kids in summer! 

In addition to the innovative design of the classic sprinklers Polo 250 and 220 for medium-sized to small gardens, the inner features also hit the mark: cutting-edge precision nozzles ensure consistent, puddle-free water distribution, and durability of the sprinkler is guaranteed by the aluminium-reinforced nozzle. 

With the turbodrive gear, even irrigation of a 90m2 area to a maximum of 220m2 is guaranteed. The Polo sprinklers have an individually and infinitely adjustable range of spray, so you can ensure every part of your lawn receives the right amount of water. 

The GARDENA Classic Oscillating Sprinkler Polo 250 and 220 are made of high-quality materials with UV protection for long life in the Australian sun. Thanks to the fine mesh dirt filter made of high quality stainless steel, these sprinkers are maintenance free and the improved ergonomics of the cleaning needle makes cleaning the nozzle very easy. 

For even irrigation of you lawn, think of a classic solution – GARDENA the Original System that 'fits perfectly' in your garden.

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