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4/12/ 2012

The right rechargeable appliances for every garden. GARDENA, one of the world's most reputable producers of intelligent garden-care products and watering solutions, has launched a comprehensive range of products with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries – the range includes tools for gardens of all sizes and every gardening task.

From lawn maintenance to trimming trees, shrubs and hedges, then cleaning up the debris – in spring, garden owners have their hands full. Reason enough to make the gardening tasks easy – with modern and efficient rechargeable garden tools. 

Battery energy means no more exhaust emissions, no more tangles or severed cables, and no more inaccessible corners or obstacles. The new range of battery garden products from GARDENA are equipped with the latest lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, which can be recharged at any time, without memory effect. 

Lawn maintenance
Designed with ease of use in mind, the PowerMax™ 36A-Li lawnmower boasts a range of userfriendly features including ergonomically shaped switches – which are soft and pleasant to touch, a central lever for easy cutting height adjustments, a light weight and compact design making it easy to carry and a convenient inspection window, which allows you to easily see when the collector is full. With a cutting width of 36 centimetres and special blade technology, the mower easily maintains lawns and gives you the option to Catch, Mow and Mulch. For problem areas at the lawn edges, light, wireless Turbotrimmers such as the GARDENA AccuCut 400-Li and 450-Li are unbeatable solutions. They trim 1,000 metres of overgrown edges
without resulting in strained arms and shaven flowerheads – guaranteed. Features include a safety switch to protect against accidental operation, telescopic handle for individual height adjustment, extra-long additional handle provides stable guidance, swing-out plant guard and Rotor-Cut system for precise cutting results and exceptionally low noise. The 450 Li also comes fitted with a fold-away guide wheel to assist with easy and precise edging applications. 

Pruning trees and hedges
With one battery charge, the Accu Chainsaw CST 2018-Li can cut around 60 branches with a diameter of up to 80 millimetres, making it perfect for light tree pruning tasks. The powerful motor and optimised high chain speed delivers efficient cutting results with little effort. Comfort and safety is of the highest priority with the quick-stop chain brake and tool-free chain tensioning. Whoever is looking for the perfect compact partner to tackle young hedges and shrubs is well advised to choose the Accu Shrub Shears ComfortCut-30. With its 30-centimetre-long blade, it is larger than conventional shrub shears, but smaller than a hedge trimmer. For quick trimming of lawn edges and for forming boxwood hedges, GARDENA delivers two solutions in one with the
Accu ComfortCut Grass and Shrub Shears. The innovative quick blade change allows you to switch from grass shears to shrub shears in a matter of seconds. Keeping larger hedges in shape is made effortless with the Accu hedge trimmer EasyCut 50-Li, featuring ergonomically shaped handles with a large start button for easy, safe start-up in every cutting situation. The optimised 50-centimetre-long cutting blade delivers a fast, clean cut and the blade protector provides maximum operator safety from the cutting blade. For hedges that reach up to three metres in height, GARDENA offers the Accu Hedge Trimmer HighCut 48-Li hedge trimmer with telescopic handles, delivering exceptional cutting performance from a safe standing position on the ground. The tilting head enables you to cut hedge tops and groundcover with ease and the 90 degree rotatable cutting blade ensure the users is always in the ideal cutting position next to the hedge. 

Cleaning up becomes a breeze
When the grass trimming and hedge pruning comes to an end, the clean-up begins. With the AccuJet Blower 18-Li, cleaning up the garden debris is a breeze. The light weight design makes this blower ideal for all gardeners and the ergonomic handle ensures the blower sits comfortably in the hand, delivering perfect weight distribution. 

GARDENA delivers the complete gardening solution – high power, light weight, low noise and emission free products that deliver first class results. With selected models capable of utilising the same interchangeable battery, you can simply switch the battery to the next tool and work your way around gardening tasks in no time at all.

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