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4/12/ 2012

GARDENA, a name synonymous with watering and garden care products, has launched the new rechargeable PowerMax™ 36 A Li lawnmower that not only promises cordless freedom and convenience, but also cuts down on working time.

When it comes to mowing the lawn, cordless freedom gives you maximum convenience. Before this was only achieved by using petrol powered lawn mowers or traditional push hand-mowers. The introduction of the new GARDENA Accu Rechargeable PowerMax™ 36 A Li lawnmower is set to change the traditional way we mow our lawns.

Battery energy means no more exhaust emissions, no more tangles or severed cables, and no more inaccessible corners or obstacles. The PowerMax™ is equipped with the latest lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, which can be recharged at any time, without memory effect.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the PowerMax™ boasts a range of user-friendly features including ergonomically shaped switches - which are soft and pleasant to touch, a central lever for easy cutting height adjustments, a light weight and compact design making it easy to carry and convenient inspection window, which allows you to easily see when the collector is full.

Starting the mower is as easy as pressing the start button. With an impressive 36cm cutting width and special blade technology, the mower easily cuts through grass and delivers an excellent finish. The desired cutting height can be easily adjusted in five stages with one move of the hand, while the grass catcher is easy to handle, simple to remove, and features a large opening for efficient collection and easy emptying. Wheels made of lawn-friendly soft plastic and with special tread give perfect grip.

For maximum efficiency in the garden, with the PowerMax™ you can Catch, Mow and Mulch. You can choose to either mow the lawn the traditional way, collecting the grass clippings with the large 40L integrated collector, or convert the mower into mulching mode – this way the lawn cuttings are finely chopped and evenly distributed over the lawn, thereby acting as a natural fertiliser.

Practical: through the folding handle with quick-lock levers, the lawnmower can be folded up, thereby saving space. In this way, the surprisingly light PowerMax™ can be easily transported and stored. 

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