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16/10/ 2013

Forget about treading sand from the beach through the house this summer or sweating it out in the backyard, with the new GARDENA garden shower range, you can rinse yourself off and cool down on hot days while watering the lawn at the same time!

With a practical design and user-friendly features, these showers can be installed just about anywhere in the garden with the simple ground spike or convenient tripod. Adjusting the height of the shower head is as easy as pushing a button and the convenient shut-off valve allows you to easily adjust the water flow. The Trio model has the added benefit of an adjustable spray pattern on the detachable shower head, plus a 1.3m connection hose for maximum flexibility. GARDENA garden showers not only provide fun in the summer the cold shower design helps you to keep a cool head, stimulates circulation, and above all, saves energy.

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