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14/07/ 2013

GARDENA has a range of intelligent garden products that will impress the Mum with a green-thumb, and all for under $50.

For the avid gardener, the new GARDENA Terraline™ small spade will deliver excellent results, without breaking mum’s back. Setting a new standard in design and comfort, this spade features the exclusive Softec™ shock absorption feature that is extremely gentle on the back and wrists. The extra-wide, ergonomically shaped D-handle with soft plastic components is not only extremely comfortable, but also provides space for two hands, giving mum the extra power she needs when working in though soil. Packed with features including large foot-rest protection with robust tread, non-slip handle design, a hardened quality steel blade and a 10-year product guarantee - all for only $46.95rrp.
Secateurs can make the perfect gift for the mum who loves her flowers, but choosing the right kind is little harder. Luckily, the GARDENA G8790 Comfort Secateurs have the perfect variablesize handle opening and can be individually adjusted to the size of the hand, no matter how big or small. A convenient two hand position grip also gives mum the option of power cutting thicker branches or changing position for quick snipping fine vines, shoots and flowers. The secateurs also feature an embossed sap groove that cleans the upper blade from plant sap and clippings. Retailing for only $39.95, these really will make the ideal gift this mother’s day.
For those mum’s who strive for the perfect lawn without unsightly weeds, the new GARDENA weeding trowel, for only $39.95, will make the perfect gift. Designed specifically to ensure easy and efficient removal of weeds from an upright working position, eliminating the need to bend down, the weeding trowel will quickly become your mum’s favorite tool in the garden. Equipped with two special blades, which easily penetrate the ground, it effortlessly removes weeds – simply turn the trowel 180 degrees to the right, pull it out of the ground and the weeds are history. Not only does mum not have to bend down, but she can keep her hands clean too, thanks to the integrated ejector mechanism which easily and quickly removes the weeds from the blades.
Weeding is no longer a dirty word!

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