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29/08/ 2012

GARDENA has launched a new range of digging tools for the garden that deliver excellent results without the back-breaking effort normally associated with digging tasks. Setting a new standard in design and comfort, the new Terraline™ range consists of a spade, small spade, pointed spade, universal shovel, spading fork and compost fork – covering a wide range of garden applications from digging, shoveling, turning compost and transplanting shrubs or hedges.

What sets the Terraline™ range apart from your average digging tool is the exclusive Softec™ shock absorption feature that is extremely gentle on the back and wrists, helping to reduce kickback while digging, such as hitting a rock or when cutting off thick roots. 

The extra-wide, ergonomically shaped D-handle with soft plastic components is not only extremely comfortable, but provides space for two hands, giving you the extra power required when you’re working in tough soil. The large foot-rest protection with robust tread, featured on the spades and spade fork, allows for superior force application and helps to reduce the risk of injury from unintentional slipping. 

The handle tube is also ideal. With a teardrop-shape, the handle sits well in the hand and the cold-insulating plastic sleeve provides comfortable, non-slip handling that is gentle on the hands. In addition, the optimal angle of the handle to the blade also guarantees ergonomic working practices – reducing stress on the body. 

The blades and tines are made from robust, hardened quality steel with high-grade coating. This high quality construction means long life – and that’s why GARDENA also offers a 10-year guarantee on the entire Terraline™ range, giving you maximum security and confidence in these products!

For more information please see the full Press Release

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