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13/11/ 2012

Just ahead of what is expected to be one of Australia’s hottest summers, Gardena has launched the new Water Smart Flow Meter, an innovate new product designed to take the guess work out of watering the garden. The Water Smart Flow Meter gives gardeners the power to precisely control water consumption for optimal garden irrigation and helps to save water in the garden and around the home.

“Most people are aware of the benefits of water conservation but the practicality of making changes around the home has been difficult because of a lack of the right tools,” says Stephen Clark, Gardena General Manager for Product Marketing in Australia. “The introduction of water efficient shower heads many years ago really helped make it easy for people to save water in their bathrooms. “Gardens use up to about 25% of all household water consumption so we’re really proud to be launching a product that will have similar benefits in the garden,” he said. In addition to the water and money savings, the new Gardena Water Smart Flow Meter helps the plants in any garden thrive. Gardeners can now dose the water quantity to be dispensed based on plant requirements, avoiding under or over watering which harms garden vegetation. 

The Water Smart Flow Meter offers four options for measuring dispensed water quantities: water consumption per day; water consumption per watering session; water consumption per watering season and the current flow in litre per minute. “Until now, irrigation has been a matter of personal judgment. The Water Smart Flow Meter ensures that gardeners have better control. This is good for the garden, the environment, and your back pocket,” Mr Clark said.

The consumed water quantity can be read at any time on the large digital display and thereby controlled. With a single button for all functions, the Water Smart Flow Meter is easy to use. The robust and impact-proof Water Smart Flow Meter is battery-operated and can be immediately connected to the tap, a sprayer, a sprinkler, pump and hose-on fertilisers. An integrated battery-level display secures precise operation. 

The Gardena Water Smart Flow Meter is available now for $29.95. 

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