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29/08/ 2012

Obtaining a weed-free garden without back-breaking work is possible with the launch of GARDENA’s innovative weeding trowel.

Designed specifically to ensure easy and efficient removal of weeds from an upright working position, eliminating the need to bend down, the new weeding trowel will quickly become your favourite tool in the garden. 

Equipped with two special blades, which easily penetrate the ground, the weeding trowel effortlessly removes the weeds. Simply press the blades into the soil, turn the trowel 180 degrees to the right, pull it out of the ground and you’re finished – no more weeds, and no more bending! 

The innovative, user-friendly design not only ensures you never need to bend down, but you can also keep your hands clean. GARDENA’s weeding trowel features an integrated ejector mechanism which easily decompresses and quickly removes the weeds from the blades - all without getting your hands dirty! 

Weeding is no longer a dirty word. Live your garden with innovative products from GARDENA. 

GARDENA is available from leading hardware, home improvement stores, and authorised specialist dealers.

For more information please see the full Press Release

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