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27/03/ 2012

When it comes to Autumn pruning tasks, it makes a difference with every cut you make. For a flawless cut, turn to GARDENA – offering the right cutting tool for every application.

Whether it be formative pruning, trimming or basic cutting, if you want to encourage the healthy growth of your trees you need to give them light and air - especially the young shoots. A basic pruning requirement is sharp, high-grade cutting tools, because only clean cuts heal well and guarantee healthy growth. If you also appreciate superior ergonomics, you will find the right pruning lopper for your needs in Gardena's product range. 

When pruning softer green wood, GARDENA recommends using a bypass lopper, such as the 500BL or 650BT, with precision-ground blades that slide smoothly past each other, enabling a smooth cut close to the trunk, which is particularly beneficial for green wood. 

The GARDENA Comfort Pruning Lopper 500 BL offers increased convenience of use. The ergonomically shaped handles are made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic, making it ultra-light, yet robust. Weighing a mere 620 grams, and with a patented geared transmission for 38% increased cutting power, it makes pruning branches child's play. It also has a sophisticated ergonomic design, with double rubber buffers that are gentle on the wrists. The non-stick coated blades ensure an easy, clean cut and offer sticky sap little purchase, making it particularly easy to clean. 

For greater reach and more leverage, without losing the ground beneath your feet, just turn to the GARDENA Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650 BT. Thanks to its telescopic arms, the award-winning lopper can be extended by a full 25 centimetres. The non-stick coated blades hold the branch in the optimum cutting position to ensure a clean, easy cut. Features ergonomically shaped handles for an easy working position and secure hold, while the double rubber buffers ensure cutting is gentle on the wrists. 

Since pruning tasks can often represent a real challenge for many gardeners, it is often neglected. With GARDENA pruning loppers, these tasks become much easier. And regardless of the type you choose, all GARDENA pruning loppers have one thing in common: a 25 year warranty!

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