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3/02/ 2014

Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised energy storage – small, compact and lightweight, they also pack an enormous energy density. That explains why gardeners also increasingly choose this technology. They recognise the advantages of cable-free mobility and lightweight devices with a powerful, reliable and rechargeable energy source. GARDENA, one of the world's most reputable producers of intelligent garden-care products and watering solutions, has a comprehensive range of power garden products with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Chainsaw: CST 2018-Li

With one battery charge, the GARDENA CST 2018-Li can cut around 60 branches with a diameter of up to 80mm, making it perfect for light tree pruning tasks. Outstanding performance with optimised high chain speed and high power delivering efficient cutting results with little effort. The quick-fit chain system ensures simple, tool-free installation and tensioning of the chain – in only one step the bar is fixed and the chain is ideally tensioned with no need for time consuming checking and readjustment. Comfort and safety is of the highest priority with the quick-stop chain brake and tool-free chain tensioning.

TurboTrimmers: AccuCut 400-Li and AccuCut 450-Li

When it comes to smaller trimming jobs at home or around lawn edges, the GARDENA TurboTrimmers are not only simple to use, they also deliver top quality results. They trim 1000m of overgrown edges without resulting in strained arms and shaven flower heads. Features include a safety switch that protects against accidental operation, a telescopic shaft that can be individually adjusted to the user’s height, extra-long additional handle provides stable guidance, swing-out plant guard and Rotor-Cut system for precise cutting results and exceptionally low noise. The 450-Li also comes fitted with a fold-away guide wheel to assist with easy and precise edging.

Hedge Trimmers: EasyCut 50-Li and HighCut 48-Li

Keeping hedges in shape is made effortless with the EasyCut 50-Li, featuring ergonomically shaped handles with a large start button for easy, safe start-up in every cutting situation. The optimised 50cm long cutting blade delivers a fast, clean cut and can cope with branches up to 16mm thick. For hedges that reach up to 3m in height, the GARDENA HighCut 48-Li with telescopic adjustment up to 2m, delivers exceptional cutting performance from a safe standing position on the ground. The tilting head enables you to cut hedge tops and groundcover with ease and the 90 degree rotatable cutting blade ensures the user is always in the ideal cutting position next to the hedge.

Blower: AccuJet 18-Li

When the grass trimming and hedge pruning comes to an end, the clean-up begins. With the AccuJet Blower 18-Li, cleaning up the garden debris is a breeze. The light weight design makes this blower ideal for all gardeners and the ergonomic handle ensures the blower sits comfortably in the hand, delivering perfect weight distribution.

One Battery – multiple uses

Home gardeners will appreciate the fact that the GARDENA lithium-ion replacement batteries can be used to power various tools. That means the same battery can be used in the trimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw or blower – depending on battery size.

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