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Well cared for using the right devices - GARDENA combisystem

Anyone who wishes to bring a breath of fresh air into their garden does not have to change everything all at once. New effects can be achieved really easily by arranging various plants in an artistic manner.

Whether you wish to improve your flowerbeds in your garden or make your balcony look even nicer, the practical GARDENA combisystem devices are essential companions for the creative garden enthusiast who wants to implement new ideas.

Cultivators, rakes and garden saws - the most varied of garden devices can be combined with the appropriate handle using the combisystem. In this way, all garden devices can be ideally modified for their specific use and the physical needs of the user. The non-detachable setting screw with its soft plastic component secures the plug connection. This makes the combination of the handle and device absolutely secure against tension and twisting - permanently. In contrast to simple plug connections which can become loose overtime, the screw on GARDENA combisystem handles can be adjusted at any time. GARDENA provides a guarantee that the connection on all combisystem garden devices will last for a period of 25 years.

For more information about the GARDENA combisystem take a look at http://www.gardena.com/au/garden-care-tools/gardening-tools/

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