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Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes with Accu-Power

No bending, no cranking, no more dirty hands when handling the garden hose. The GARDENA Battery Powered Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic Li (Art. No. 8025) ensures convenience and power during the roll-up of the garden hose thanks to its motor drive. The motor’s power is supplied by a powerful, reliable lithium-ion battery.

GARDENA opens up a new chapter of its innovative product solutions with the battery-powered Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic Li. At the push of a button, the hose roll-up system is very easily and automatically rolled up safely and evenly. Unwinding is also carried out easily and effortlessly and the hose can be stopped at any required length.
Up to 50 roll-ups over the complete hose length are possible before the powerful lithium-ion battery has to be returned to the charging station. For this the electronic control unit including the battery can be easily detached from the housing The self-explanatory LED indicators display the charge level of the battery: Green for full charge, orange for medium charge and red for recharging required soon.
At the push of a button, the hose of the Battery Powered Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic Li can be retracted into the 180° rotatable box after use. The hose can be replaced as required. Sprinkler heads, nozzles etc. can be hooked under the wall bracket for storage and are thus always at hand. An anti-drip stop prevents annoying little puddles of water forming after use, a large carrying handle facilitates attachment and detachment of the box, which also looks good on the ground on its sturdy foot. With its small dimensions, the box easily fits on any wall.

The GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box 25 roll-up automatic and the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic are equally suitable for patios or gardens and make watering especially easy and convenient. On the current models, the powerful steel spring roll-up system makes hose roll-up almost as convenient as with the motorised version. It has a stop device to lock the hose every 50 centimetres, depending on the required length. With a short tug on the hose, the lock is deactivated and an integrated steel spring draws the hose back into the box.

For more information about the GARDENA Wall Mounted Hose Boxes take a look at http://www.gardena.com/au/water-management/garden-hose-reel/

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