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Trimmers: cable-free, lightweight and easy to use

The new cable-free trimmers from GARDENA are not only extremely lightweight, they also work for longer. Just one charge of the powerful lithium-ion battery is enough to trim the edges of two football fields – in one go.

When it comes to smaller trimming jobs at home or around lawn edges, garden owners like to use a practical turbotrimmer to combat rank growth. GARDENA has the right tool for every garden size and job. GARDENA turbotrimmers are equipped with new, powerful lithium-ion replacement batteries.

The new GARDENA Turbotrimmer AccuCut 400-Li and 450-Li are not only simple to use, they are durable and powerful. The cordless, battery-operated trimmers offer increased freedom of movement and are optimally suited to reach all areas in the garden. The energy source for the Accu Trimmers is the new lithium-Ion battery. It has a long operation time, charging status indicators and is also suited for all other GARDENA battery-driven products.

There is a large handle at the front for convenient handling, easily adjustable for greater comfort and control. For the most ergonomic working position adjust the trimmer height using the telescopic feature to best fit you.  A safety switch protects against accidental operation and the swing-out plant guard protects your boarding plants. The Rotor-Cut system provides for precise cutting results and exceptionally low noise. The 450 Li also comes fitted with a fold-away guide wheel to assist with easy and precise guidance of the trimmer along the lawn edge.

Whatever your garden requires, GARDENA has the trimmer for you!

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