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The smarter way to mow

A thick, lush green lawn can be a real pleasure but the reality is it takes hard work and regular maintenance to keep it looking great. For many, mowing and maintaining the lawn doesn’t top the list of favourite things to do; rather it tops the list of must do household chores! Fortunately, that’s all about to change with GARDENA introducing the R80Li Robotic Lawnmower into the Australian market. This innovative highly intelligent robot quietly circumnavigates the lawn, avoiding obstacles in its path, cutting every blade of grass.

Whilst you may not have seen a robotic lawnmower they certainly are not new and have actually been around for over twenty years. First launched in 1995, robotic mowers are prolific throughout Europe and the United States but few have actually made it to our shores. Why? Australian lawns predominantly feature couch or buffalo grass, a much thicker and harder wearing grass than those commonly found in Europe where these robots are designed and manufactured. They therefore have to work overtime to get the job done. Our lawns are also quite complex and very rarely a neat singular patch, meaning robotic mowers have to be clever enough and powerful enough to traverse our terrain.

The GARDENA R80Li can mow up to 800m² of lawn, selecting its route based on a specially developed movement pattern that ensures an even cut of the entire lawn with no visible track marks. The robotic mower is contained by the boundary wire that is laid during installation, along with a guide wire that assists the robotic mower to locate its charging station when the battery runs low. The boundary wire can also be used to set a secondary area for the robotic mower, should there be two or more additional lawn areas.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the R80Li happily mows all on its own, automatically returning to the charging station when needed. After the initial one off installation of the charging station, non-invasive boundary wire and guide wire the unit automatically operates unsupervised according to the user defined program.

The razor sharp pivoting blades trim the grass with every pass, 2 or 3 millimetres at a time, turning it into a fine mulch that gradually helps to fertilise the lawn. Traditional lawnmowers use heavy fixed blades to tear off large sections of the grass, leaving it damaged and stressed. As traditional mowers are generally only used every one or two weeks the volume of grass cut is far too great to leave on the lawn and must be removed, along with its valuable nutrient content.

With safety top of mind the cutting blades are located well within the body of the robotic mower. Tilt, lift and collision sensors also ensure that the cutting blades immediately stop spinning should something unexpected happen.

The R80Li automatically mows and recharges on its own, regardless of the weather. Its large wheels and even weight distribution mean it can handle slopes of up to 25% incline, even in the wet.

Cleverly, GARDENA has built in a loud alarm and unique security pin to each robotic lawnmower. Should the unexpected happen and the unit is picked up, a loud alarm will sound and the unit rendered useless until returned to the lawn and the unique pin is entered.

GARDENA R80Li Robotic Lawnmower; the smarter way to mow.

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