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Pruning loppers with precise cutting power

Ergonomic, safe and easy to use – Pruning Loppers from GARDENA. They come in a smart design and have only one aim – extremely sharp cutting.

Not everything that grows in the garden is welcome. That's why more than one in three gardeners use a pruning lopper at least once a month. When small twigs grow into unwanted branches, strong and effective tools are necessary that prevent strain on wrists and blades while making clean cuts.

GARDENA has a proven range of Classic, Comfort and Premium Pruning Loppers, with many important functions to make handling even easier, safer and more ergonomic.

GARDENA Classic Pruning Loppers are classic in design and materials, yet modern in technology. They are distinguished by their clean and easy cuts as well as their optimal transfer of force. Comfort Pruning Loppers have that extra in comfort and ergonomics. The patented gear transmission supports a clean and powerful cut. Premium Pruning Loppers are made of high-quality materials and feature elegant design. All models are stable and will last for a long time.

Ultra-light, handy and powerful the GARDENA Comfort Pruning Bypass Loppers is ideal for cutting fresh green wood. Patented gear transmission gives 38% increased cutting power. The precision-ground non-stick coated blades and optimised cutting geometry provide for an easy clean cut. Both blade and counter blade penetrate into the branch simultaneously. They have a ‘pulling cut’, which means easy, accurate cutting without leaving pressure marks on the wood. 

The same patented gear transmission and precision-ground non-stick coated blades with optimised cutting geometry also feature on the GARDENA Comfort Pruning Anvil Lopper. Anvil loppers are ideal for hard, dry wood. The upper blade is narrower and sharper. The wide anvil distributes pressure and supports the branch in order to avoid damaging or crushing the bark. The curved head provides an easier cutting action close to the joint.

GARDENA provides a 25-year warranty on all its tools.

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