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Precision tooth after tooth

The right saw for every job in the house and garden – that is the principle behind the new generation of GARDENA Saws. Whether folding saws, fixed saws or saws compatible with the GARDENA combisystem: GARDENA has upgraded all tools to the state of the art when it comes to ergonomics, cutting performance and materials.

Every household and every garden needs a saw because sawing jobs are always turning up. That's why it's good to have the right saw in the tool shed. Cutting boards or posts to size, pruning trees or cutting firewood – the requirements are very different and so are the saws needed.

Now GARDENA has closely examined the needs of amateur and professional users and systematically revised its range of mechanical saws to meet their requirements. Ergonomics, cutting performance and materials were upgraded to the latest technology standards. The result is an innovative product range covering folding saws, fixed saws and saws compatible with the GARDENA combisystem.

One of the stars of the new saw generation is the GARDENA combisystem Gardeners' Saw 300P. The impulse-hardened precision toothing of its durable, hard-chrome-plated blade features triple grinding on each tooth. This enables efficient pressure and pulling movement. A clearing and guiding hook is ideal for clearing away sawn-off branches. Shaped according to the latest ergonomic findings, the handle is cushioned with soft components and features a safety lock for fixing to the GARDENA combisystem.

GARDENA Folding Saws and Fixed Saws have impulse-hardened toothing with triple grinding that allows effort-saving work and is also made of the same materials. For instance, the Garden saw 135 P is also equipped with a cushioned handle for two-handed operation. Additionally, the blade can be locked in a choice of three different positions for different working angles. An added advantage of the handle of the GARDENA Gardeners' Saw 300P is its stopper that prevents slipping off during the pulling movement. Whatever GARDENA Saw a customer chooses, they all come with a 25-year warranty.

For more information about Gardena Saws take a look at http://www.gardena.com/au/tree-and-shrub-care/hand-saw/

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