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Original GARDENA System – the new generation of a million times over proven classic

For over 45 years, the Original GARDENA System has stood for easy wa-tering in the garden. One click – and the connection from the water tap to the hose and the watering accessory is absolutely tight. GARDENA has now revised the core of its brand and significantly improved the already proven Original GARDENA System.

The focus of the innovations was the application-oriented Classic Segment of GARDENA Cleaning Nozzle, Watering Sprayer and Spray Lances but also the Original System Parts – GARDENA Tap Connector, GARDENA Hose Connec-tion and Water Stop as well as the GARDENA Hose Repairer. The European leader in mobile garden irrigation follows the target of making the Original GARDENA System even more durable and comfortable in the application, for example, the improved ergonomic, weather and frost proof and up to a 30 per cent increase in hose holding force as well as colour coding that lets you know exactly which parts belong together.

The Right System Tool for each Application

There is the right tool for every application in the garden with the new GARDENA Classic Cleaning Nozzle, Watering Sprayer and Spray Lance. Distinctive innovations are 1. durable quality of the tool through frost proof, 2. an ergonomic trigger for the continuous flow of water and 3. the comfortable single-handed operation when regulating the amount of water. Furthermore, the Classic Multi-Sprayer can also create additional spray patterns. Then, the choice between soft spray, 9 point hard jet or bubble-jet spray makes the sprayer versatile. Soft components protect the spray head from any damages if it falls and also, cleaning is extremely easy. Dirt or lime scale can be easily removed from the soft nozzle and on the hose side, there is a removable dirt filter for easy care.
The GARDENA Classic Spray Lance ensures sufficient reach with its length of 75 centimetres for watering in large beds and in high or otherwise hard to reach places.

Optimal hold on the hose

What optimally comes together stays together, GARDENA has also revised its System Parts and thereby once again improved the classic in garden irrigation. Additional soft components ensure increased hold with the hose connectors and water stops, even with wet hands or gloves. This also applies to the newly designed sleeve nut. Moreover, this ensures an even better connection between the hose and the coupling with a distinct increase in the holding power of 30 per cent – really useful when the hose is pulled around a corner. The GARDENA Tap Connector, GARDENA Hose Connector and Water Stop as well as the GARDENA Repairer, are strong and durable. Improved connection to the hose, optimal hold and comfortable handling.

Original GARDENA System – the new generation of a million times over proven classic

GARDENA has now completely revised the core of its brand. The new generation of the Original GARDENA System offers an even better hold with the connection between hose and coupling and in many functions, an improved handling. This also applies to the Cleaning Nozzles, Watering Sprayers and Spray Lances in the new Classic Segment. The water quantity can be comfortably adapted with one hand and an ergonomic trigger with easy operating locking function regulates the continuous flow rate. (Photo: GARDENA)

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