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Cordless freedom for all applications

One for all! GARDENA Replacement Batteries can be used to power a range of tools – including the Telescopic Accu Hedge Trimmer, Accu Pole Pruner, Trimmer or Accu Blower.

Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised energy storage. Small, compact and lightweight, they nevertheless pack an enormous energy density. The self-discharge rate is very low and the batteries do not suffer from the memory effect of conventional batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged at any time and come with a very long service life. 

That explains why gardeners also increasingly choose this technology. They recognise the advantages of cable-free mobility and lightweight devices with a powerful, reliable and rechargeable energy source. 

GARDENA has included rechargeable battery products in its range since 1973. That means it can draw on decades of experience with this technology. In 2007, it was the first company to launch a trimmer with lithium-ion batteries on the market. Today the market leader GARDENA supplies a wide and deep range of garden tools that bear the label “Li-Ion Power”.

Home gardeners particularly appreciate the fact that GARDENA Replacement Batteries can be used to power various tools. The entire product range has been adapted for universal compatibility. That means the same battery can be used in the Trimmer, and Accu Hedge Trimmer High Cut 48-Li, as well as the Accu Hedge Trimmer EasyCut 50-Li, and the Allround Blower AccuJet Li-18. Gardeners benefit from much more freedom of movement and activity.

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