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Planting Bulbs

One of the most pleasant tasks on the autumn gardening to-do list at this time of year is surely planting flower bulbs. After all, the small brown bulbs represent a promise of flowers for the coming spring; a promise of future beauty and fragrance.

Keep in mind when buying bulbs that it is best to buy relatively large ones as they will bloom better. Saving money by buying inexpensive small bulbs might cost in disappointment next spring. If you live in rural areas, give some thought to putting your bulbs under plant covers to protect them from little visitors such as field mice and other rodents that would gladly enjoy a nice bulb buffet.

The rule of thumb for depth is for the hole to be at least three times as deep as the height of the bulb. Alternatively, if you choose to plant your bulbs in pots, you can use the sandwich method positioning different types, one above the other in layers. By coordinating the flowering times of the various types of flower (refer to your plant tags), the individual layers will blossom one after the other mimicking a fireworks display. Another idea is to plant bulbs of the same species in two to four sets at an interval of ten to fourteen days in order to achieve a long flowering period.

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