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Autumn Watering Tips

With cooler temperatures, shorter periods of sunlight and more abundant rain, watering becomes less of a priority but must be actively managed none the less.

If you are equipped with a water computer, now is the time to adjust your program to autumn conditions by reducing the frequency of watering sessions and the length of time of each session.

You might want to consider the purchase of Rain and/or Soil Moisture Sensors to connect to your water computer. These clever accessories will ensure that you take into consideration rain and soil moisture when using your automatic watering system. The rain sensor automatically pauses your watering program during rainfall. Why use precious tap or rain water when the clouds are glad to supply it.

A Soil Moisture Sensor can be used in conjunction with a Rain Sensor or as a stand-alone. With three moisture levels to choose from, once set, your watering program is paused once the desired soil moisture level has been reach. Considering rainfall and soil moisture throughout the year is important but especially in autumn when the weather can be very erratic.

Breath in the crisp fresh air and enjoy this magical time of the year! 

For more information visit our water management page: http://www.gardena.com/au/water-management/

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