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The Spiral Hose Set is the convenient solution for watering plants on balconies, patios or small gardens. The hose is mounted on the wall. After use, the hose automatically coils back up to a minimum size. This eliminates the need to unroll and roll the hose back up again. The hose length is 10 m, ideal for watering plants in small areas. The enclosed Pulse Sprayer lies well in the hand, the water quantity can be infinitely adjusted and the impulse trigger can be set if desired .The GARDENA Spiral Hose Set is the practical complete system for the irrigation of small garden paradises. With Pulse Sprayer (Art. No. 8120), Threaded Tap Connectors (Art. No. 900, 901 and 902) and wall bracket.

Reference number: 4646
Longitud de la manguera 10 m
Set with fittings
Artículos y precio
Referencia comercial Referencia Add to wish list
4646-20 901 07 48-01

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Manuales y documentación

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