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Control is better than guesswork

A person is said to have a green thumb when he or she instinctively knows what plants need to thrive with healthy growth, full blossoms and a bountiful harvest. Watering is a part of this. But, here, "instinct" can be problematic. One never really knows how much water flows through the sprayer on the gardening hose, or how much is distributed by a sprinkler. With the new GARDENA Smart Water Flow Meter, there is no more uncertainty.

The GARDENA Smart Water Flow Meter can be connected at various points of the Original GARDENA System. Directly at the tap or wherever water is dispensed, e.g. the Sprayer or Sprinkler. Here, it measures the flowing water quantity and clearly shows it on a large-surface display.

For the first time, garden friends can view and precisely control water consumption. Free of elusory guessing, you can now dose the water quantity to be dispensed based on plant requirements – not too little, which would harm garden vegetation; but also not too much, which negatively affects both your wallet and the environment through unnecessarily high water consumption.

The new GARDENA Smart Water Flow Meter is practical and offers four options for measuring dispensed water quantities: the current flow rate, e.g. while operating a sprinkler; per watering session when watering e.g. flower beds; per day; or for the entire garden season. The desired function can be easily selected with a press of a button. A supplied battery and battery level display ensure optimal functional safety.

Control is better than guessing
Control is better than guessing, even with the most experienced gardener. And for this there is an addition to the Original GARDENA System: the new GARDENA Smart Water Flow Meter. It measures the flowing water quantity and thereby allows, for the first time, exact control of the current water consumption. Plants can be supplied with an optimal water quantity, based on their requirements. This is good for the plants and helps save water.