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Convenient, reliable and easy to install

The way to a perfect lawn

GARDENA Sprinklersystem is a complete range of pop-up sprinklers, components and starter sets. Perfect if you’re tired of watering your lawn by hand or just want to free up time in your life.

Convenient, reliable and unseen when not in use, GARDENA Pop-up Sprinklers are ideal for private gardens. And they’re even a favourite for professional users on commercial properties.

How to get started? Try the My Garden planner for the perfect system for your very own garden or look for the convenient starter sets below.

Design your dream garden! With sprinklers.

My Garden is a simple and creative online application where you can draw and plan your garden. My Garden is here to inspire you to create your dream garden.

With My Garden, you can also get the automatic placement of the GARDENA Sprinklers and Piping that are perfect for your garden. Start drawing your garden and then add your sprinkler plan with just two clicks. It’s as easy as that.

Turbo-driven watering for medium and large lawns

The Turbo-driven Pop-up Sprinklers T 100, T 200 and T 380 are ideal for watering medium- sized to larger lawns. You can combine all Turbo-driven Pop-up Sprinklers and the Pop-up Oscillating OS 140 Sprinklers within one line.

Ideal for square or rectangular areas

The GARDENA Pop-up Oscillating Sprinkler OS 140 is perfect for watering square and rectangular areas between 2 and 140m².

For smaller areas or plants

The Pop-up Sprinkler S 80 can be used for watering small areas of up to 80 m² whereas the S 80/300 is ideal for watering over the top of higher plants. For both models, the sprinkler sector can be set between 5 and 360° with a range up to 5 meters.

Follow the shape of your lawn

The GARDENA AquaContour Automatic is a revolution in pop-up sprinklers, allowing customized irrigation of individual areas or lawn shapes up to 350 m². The watering area can be programmed with up to 50 key contour points to follow the individual shape of your lawn.

Simple connection point

The connection point is the underground connection to the installed pipe system. It is connected to the water tap via a regular hose (diameter 19mm, 3/4“). When taking water from alternative sources like wells or natural springs, use the GARDENA Water Pumps.

Easy-assembly pipes

Connecting Pipes are installed underground. Different connectors like T, L or angled pieces can be used for changing the direction or adding a new pipe. Assembly of the pipe system is very easy and without using tools thanks to the unique “Quick & Easy” connection technology. With drain valves installed at the lowest point of the system, the whole system is protected against frost.

It couldn’t be easier. Well, actually ...

Even when you're away

Do you want your garden to water itself even when you are away on holiday? With GARDENA Watering Computers, Control Systems, Timers and Sensors, your garden irrigation is under control wherever you are.

Design your sprinkler system

The next step is to plan the sprinkler system that suits your garden perfectly.

Starter sets

A convenient way to get started with automatic watering.

Listing of products

Full range of products for Sprinkler systems

Pop-up Sprinklers Area coverageRange of Spray ØCompare
Pop-up Sprinkler S 80 Pop-up Sprinkler S 80 (1569)

For small lawns up to 80 m²

20-80 m² / 215.28-861.11 square ft 2.5-5 m / 8.2-16.4 feet
Pop-up Sprinkler S 80/300 Pop-up Sprinkler S 80/300 (1566)

For watering over higher plants

20-80 m² / 215.28-861.11 square ft 2.5-5 m / 8.2-16.4 feet