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Long-lasting, high quality Sprayers and Nozzles with a secure grip

The ergonomical and functional design, together with many innovative features, ensures an easy and comfortable irrigation experience in your garden.

Every household and garden has different needs – you want a soft spray for the blooms, a mist spray in the greenhouse and a hard jet for cleaning off garden paths and driveways. GARDENA has Nozzles and Sprayers to meet all requirements.

The new Classic Nozzles and Sprayers accessories deliver innovative frost resistance for sustainable quality.

Lances with longer reach for watering inaccessible areas

The Spray Lances are ideally suited for watering and cleaning of high and inaccessable areas. They are particularly practical for larger areas, e.g. flower or vegetable beds, as you can cover a wide range thanks to the extended handle.

All-round watering
Quality Nozzles and Sprayers that adjust to your needs

High-quality, all-round tools for all watering and cleaning in the garden

The Nozzles has an infinetly adjustable water jet. Ideal suited for all watering and cleaning in your garden.

Sprayers for watering potted plants and delicate flowers

Adjust the water jet depending on your application – a soft spray for the blooms, a mist spray in the greenhouse and a bubbly jet for watering potted plants.



Spray Lances

Garden Showers