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Complete range
The right hose storage for every demand and garden size

Hose Trolleys – robust, mobile irrigation solution for every garden size

The GARDENA Hose Trolleys and Reels are robust and stable and can easily be moved around in your garden. GARDENA has models that fit all needs, from the smallest patio to the largest garden.

Wall-mounted Hose Reels and Boxes – practical comfort

For practical storage of the hose on the wall, choose the GARDENA Wall-mounted Hose Reels or Boxes. Offering easy and convenient roll-up with no bending down.

Smart solutions
Packed with innovations and clever details

Roll-up with the push of a button
Get ultimate convenience with the Automatic Hose Roll-up Box...

The ultimate Hose Box
...for automatic roll-up with no bending, cranking or getting your hands dirty!

Flexible use
Hose Boxes for special applications

Small, flexible Hose Box for the camping trip...

Small, compact and ideal for transportation, e.g. for camping, leisure activities and water sports. What’s more, it is light and easy to carry.

...or on the boat

A flat hose that, when not in use, can be stored compactly in the hose cassette. Ideal for travel.

Robust and stable Hose Reels for more practical and comfortable mobile irrigation

Whether you choose a Hose Reel, Hose Trolley or a Wall-mounted Hose Box from GARDENA you will get high quality and comfort. The Hose Trolleys have outstanding stability, thanks to their specially designed foot that lets you pull the hose and still keeps the trolley stable on the ground. The Wall-mounted Hose Boxes offer supreme comfort and convenience – pull in the hose without bending down or getting your hands dirty. Whatever you need, GARDENA has the optimal hose storage solution for you!

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Hose Trolleys

Wall-mounted Hose Reels/Boxes

Portable Hose Reels

Accessories Hose LengthHose Diameter SingleCompare
Connection Set Connection Set (18040)

The connection between the water source and the Hose Trolley or Reel

1.5 m / 4.92 feet 13 mm / 0.51 inch