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Water-connected cleaning tools for the house and garden

GARDENA offers an impressive range of cleaning supplies for all outdoor cleaning work; clean the windows, wash the car, scrub the floors, rinse the garden tools etc. Connect the hand-held tools or the running water handle to the hose with help of the Original GARDENA System connectors and get an effective, high-quality cleaning experience.

Soft or hard bristles – individually adapted to the surface to be cleaned

The soft brushes are ideally suited for washing sensitive surfaces such as windows, cars, garden furniture or exterior walls. The hard brushes are adapted for robust floor surfaces, driveways and paths.

Simply add cleaning agents

The Running Water Handles are equipped with a dispenser for cleaning agents plus lockable and adjustable flow control for the best cleaning result. The Hand-Held Brushes can be used in combination with Shampoo Wax Sticks for effective cleaning of painted and plastic surfaces.

Different combinations for effective all-round cleaning

Combining different handles and heads, together with cleaning agents, makes for effective all-round cleaning around the house and garden: car washing, window cleaning, floor scrubbing and rinsing of tools and furniture.

The Original GARDENA Cleansystem offers an impressive range of cleaning products for different tasks around the house and garden. Connected to a hose via the GARDENA Hose Connector, you can easily wash your patio or deck, clean your windows from the outside or your garden furniture. Different handles and various brushes and wipers make sure that all the different surfaces will be brushed intensively and efficiently. Start combining – for easy cleaning of different surfaces and objects.

Hand-Held Wash Brushes

Detergent Compare
Shampoo Wax Sticks Shampoo Wax Sticks (989)

The Shampoo Wax Sticks for sparkling clean results