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The current connecting pipe of the GARDENA Sprinklersystem has a larger diameter than before. What is the reason?

In 2005, the GARDENA Pipeline and the GARDENA Sprinklersystem were changed. The 19 mm connecting pipes and the corresponding connecting technology (nipple technology, clamps) that had been used for 20 years before, were replaced by 25 mm connecting pipes with the so-called Quick&Easy Simple Connection Technology. The internal diameter of the pipe is almost the same as before. The former connectors and connecting pieces are available as spare parts now as before.

The systems are not compatible due to the different connection technology and pipe condition. However, there are options to extend or repair an existing system using the new technology. For example, use the connector art. no. 2763-20 and the adapter piece 1512-23 to combine both connecting pipes.

Is it possible to combine a GARDENA Micro-Drip-System with the Sprinklersystem?

No, it isn’t. Micro-Drip-System and Sprinklersystem must not be operated simultaneously on one pipe because both systems would not work properly due to the different nozzle sizes and pipe cross sections. That means that the systems must be operated separately, one after the other.

Which products should be used to water a hedge or a row of plants?

For that purpose, the GARDENA Drip Irrigation Line is ideally suited as it is maintenance-free, resistant to frost and reliable in operation. The irrigation line has been successfully used for decades by professional gardeners and in nurseries. For more details, please refer to the Micro-Drip-System section on our website.

Are there GARDENA products that are suitable for use with potable water and/or food-safe?

All GARDENA pumps, electronic pressure pumps, hose couplings, hoses, pipes and also all other products are not suitable for use with potable water. Products suitable for use with potable water must have been analyzed and certified accordingly. As GARDENA does not need products suitable for use with potable water for the original business, such certification has never been aimed for (high expenditure of time and cost).

This applies also to food safety. The GARDENA products have not been examined or certified in terms of food safety. Therefore, they cannot be recommended for corresponding use.