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Trimming your lawn is like putting the finishing touches on a cake

It's not always required but makes an eye-catching difference.

Trimming and edging is not as glamorous as mowing but it can make the difference between a good-looking job and one that is just average. GARDENA has a clear range of top-quality trimmers, from the lightweight beginner's trimmer to the top model.

Battery Grass Trimmers

Powerful and flexible trimmers with high-quality rechargable battery that will reach every corner of your garden.

Corded Electric Grass Trimmers

Robust and reliable trimmers when a perfect result and convenience are the most important factors.

Best ergonomic working position

Large handle at front for convenient handling. Easy to adjust to individual height for a relaxed working position.

Highest level of operation comfort

Intuitive operation of the trimmer head. Simply press the button to swivel the head for vertical lawn edging or any other required gardening task.

Durable and powerful

The energy source for the Accu Trimmers is the new Lithium-Ion battery. It has a long operation time, charging status indicators and is also suited for all other GARDENA battery-driven products.

Lightweight and ergonomic design
Quiet and powerful trimmers for all garden types

Top handling

Easily adjust the angle between the trimmer head and the handle with your foot during operation. Used when trimming under low obstacles.

No risk of disconnecting the cable

Thanks to the cable relief, the trimmer and the connecting cable will not be disconnected when you pull the trimmer forward.

Protect your plants

With the help of the plant guard, bordering plants are protected.

The right trimmer for every garden

There’s the right trimmer for every kind of garden – whether small, medium, large or overgrown. The GARDENA Trimmer range offers different trimmers to fit all individual needs.

The cordless, battery-operated trimmers offer increased freedom of movement and are optimally suited for areas in the garden where you can't reach with a corded trimmer. The electric, corded trimmers are tough, and the GARDENA range spans from the smallest beginner model to the top-quality pro model.

Whatever your garden requires, GARDENA has the trimmer for you!

Electric trimmers

  • SmallCut 300 (8845)

    Light and easy-to-use – convenient and safe

  • EasyCut 400 (8846)

    Ideal for hard-to-access areas

Accessories Compare
Additional Wheel Additional Wheel (5310)

For easy trimmer guidance

Filament Cassette Filament Cassette (5306)

For Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300

Filament Cassette Filament Cassette (5307)

For Turbotrimmer EasyCut 400, ComfortCut 450, PowerCut 500