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Winning six for automatic garden irrigation

No garden can do without water. In dry periods, watering is a must. In more and more gardens watering has become a fully automated process through the use of a Water Computer in combination with a Rain- and Soil Moisture Sensor.

This alone is a major win for plants and a time-saving convenience for gardening enthusiasts. Automatic garden irrigation becomes a real win when the new GARDENA Water Distributor automatic enters the picture.

For perfect, automatic garden irrigation, the new GARDENA Water Distributor is a win in another respect. It can be conveniently used to water different garden areas with various plants. One after the other, each area is watered in accordance with its individual requirements: for example, the flower bed is watered with the Micro-Drip-System, the lawn with a sprinkler or sprinkler system, or the vegetable bed with a Drip Irrigation Line. Through successive activation of up to six dispensing devices, the pressure-based available water quantity is always sufficient.

The new GARDENA Water Distributor automatic has six, space-saving outlets, arranged in one direction, for the hose connection of six dispensing devices. As the control centre, the water source is connected, for example, with the GARDENA Water Computer C 1060.

Up to six watering programmes with time-based cycles can be entered for each outlet of the new GARDENA Water Distributor automatic. However, it’s no problem if you choose to activate fewer programmes. Water Distributor outlets that are not required can be easily deactivated with a setting lever.