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The garden tool system with unique advantages

Garden enthusiasts have long made their choice, they rely on the GARDENA combisystem and there are good reasons for this. From soil and lawn care, to working up in the trees or simply improving flowerbeds - there is the right handle/tool combination for every situation. The practical GARDENA combisystem tools are essential companions for the creative gardener who wants to implement new ideas.

Cultivators, rakes, garden saws - the most varied of garden devices can be combined with the appropriate handle using the combisystem. In this way, all garden devices can be ideally modified for their specific use and the physical needs of the user. The non-detachable setting screw with its soft plastic component secures the plug connection. This makes the combination of the handle and device absolutely secure against tension and twisting - permanently. In contrast to simple plug connections which can become loose over time, the screw on combisystem handles can be adjusted at any time. GARDENA provides a guarantee that this connection on all combisystem equipment will last for a period of 25 years.

Entrusting kids to look after their own flower beds is an excellent way to explain the complex way mother nature works. It gives them the opportunity to observe how tiny seeds grow into huge plants. To convert gardening chores into child’s play, clever gardeners opt for the handy GARDENA combisystem Hand Tools. Not only are they practical partners for grown-ups, they are just the right tools for kids when discovering the world of gardening. With the combisystem Hand Hoe, even weeding can be great fun, and this unpopular task can be finished in the blink of an eye. And the GARDENA Hand Trowel is the ideal tool for planting or relocating plants, it digs holes effortlessly for colourful summer flowers, a feast for the eyes of curious children!

GARDENA combisystem Hand Tools can be combined with a combisystem handle, if required. And all those who don’t want to get their hands dirty should opt for GARDENA Gardening Gloves.

Each combisystem tool can be quickly joined with any combisystem handle for a sturdy, wobble-free connection. For this, GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty.