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Information on cutting lawn edges

All gardeners invest a lot of love and time into designing their lawn. Precisely defined edges contribute as much to a cared-for overall impression as mowing. This means that edges demand regular care - ideally after each time you mow the lawn. As lawnmowers do not usually have edge trimmers, GARDENA offers a range of products to make lawn edge trimming even more simple and convenient - to match your individual situation.

Mechanical grass shears guarantee effortless cutting for smaller work around beds and terraces. GARDENA battery-powered lawn edging shears are a real help when you need to create precise edges. They are ideally suited to use for precise lawn care and are also particularly efficient and convenient - no cables at all and no great effort required. For demanding edges, lawn trimmers significantly facilitate work and always deliver perfect results. GARDENA turbotrimmers cut powerfully and quickly - especially when used on wilder lawn edges on gravel paths or natural stone walls.