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Cut clever and save effort

Whoever tries to trim wood in the garden with a pair of secateurs quickly notices: branches and twigs differ greatly in width, there is softer and clearly harder wood. Too much variety for one pair of secateurs to handle, actually. Yet this is no longer the case. The GARDENA Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut can easily tackle any cutting situation.

The practical solution to the problem is an optional ratchet function. Only the GARDENA Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut boasts this patented innovation. Whenever extra strength is required for cutting, the ratchet mechanism can be easily activated. Without needing to apply more muscle power, even stronger branches up to 22 millimetres in diameter or hard wood can be separated with the ratchet mechanism in three strokes.

And if thinner twigs get in the way and need to be removed or shortened, then you can simply deactivate the ratchet mechanism and continue working, easily and comfortably, with the direct cut.

For clean and precise cutting in every situation, the upper blade of the GARDENA Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut is non-stick-coated and precision-ground. The aluminium-comfort handle with soft plastic components lies comfortably and securely in the hand. When not in use, a single hand safety lock ensures safe storage of the secateurs. And what garden friends will also love: the new GARDENA Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut come with a 25-year warranty!