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Cordless grass and shrub shears with comfort and performance

The first battery-powered grass shears were produced by GARDENA - and they have been produced since 1973. Today, of course, modern lithium-ion technology is used. This unique success story now boasts a garden innovation.

Once again, it sets new standards for lawn edging and the shaping of shrubs and small hedges. The latest battery- and charging technology, perfect handling comfort, highly variable functionality and the best safety standards will make the heart of any garden-lover beat faster.

There is the right model by GARDENA: for comfort and performance with easy, cordless lawn edging there are the Accu Shears ComfortCut and for the added benefit of the trimming of boxwood there are the Set Accu Grass- and Boxwood Shears ClassicCut.

GARDENA Accu Shears with their perfectly ergonomic design are powered by longlife lithium-ion energy sources. One LED display gives continuous information on the level of charging. The battery chargers themselves make do with extremely low stand-by energy.

Totally easy and without tools, the specially ground and non-stick coated blades with all new GARDENA Accu Shears can be almost effortlessly exchanged. Depending on the required use, grass- and boxwood blades or variously long shrub blades are available.

Garden friends who would like to take advantage of the flexibility of switchable blades can choose between two sets.